Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When I started in the asphalt Industry

“I started in the asphalt industry in 1986 with experience in quality control,asphalt mix design, management, production and project supervisor.There is nothing more rewarding than helping people have their driveway either brushed up with a little bit of maintenance or have a brand new driveway installed. The driveway is the first thing people see as they drive up to our home and a beautiful well groomed driveway gives a great first impression! When I first got into the business, it amazed me at how many people loved having a nice driveway! While there are a percentage of people out there who just want a basic hard surface to drive and park on, some homeowners want their driveway to look beautiful all the time! Those are the people I love working with. It’s a very fun and fulfilling business! But unfortunately the industry is full of dishonest and unethical contractors who are out there with one goal in mind… to make high profits at the expense of quality! They don’t put one thought into building long term repeat business. Instead, they’re only concerned about short term greed. I've seen many examples of people who've lost hundreds of dollars and some even several thousand dollars… in one single job! It’s very frustrating to see people being taken such advantage of. So I started UNO paving to help educate homeowners on the proper installation and maintenance of driveways and avoid being ripped off.”

Nick Hernandez

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