Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alaska’s “road to nowhere”

Alsaka's "road to nowhere" would have led to the proposed Gravina Island Bridge, now known as "the bridge to nowhere." (Photo: Tom Brady / Flickr)

Maybe someone is getting ready to take the “dead end” sign off America’s most infamous non-bridge. According to the Associated Press, Alaska has “proposed six ‘build’ alternatives to improve access between the Southeast Alaska community of Ketchikan and Gravina Island, where the Ketchikan International Airport is located. The alternatives include two bridge and four ferry options; there also is a no-action alternative. Comments are being taken through Aug. 13, with a goal of reaching a decision by next spring.” This is of course the non-bridge that caused vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to say she’d told Congress “thanks but no thanks” for the bridge funding even though she asked for, received and kept the funding. 

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